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What Is Your BIGGEST Financial Risk?

All financial professionals handle very similar products. So what makes one better than another? An important factor is the way products are used to avert financial risks that already exist.

The methods may be created by joining unfavorable circumstances with inadequate product mix. Professionals usually identify these risks through service based on their expertise, marketing perspective and product availability.

Unfortunately these risks are often challenging to discover because things like setbacks negatively impact client awareness, concern and initiative. To make matters worse, most financial professionals do not adequately coordinate this collaborative effort.

The blocks below reflect that as a result, many consumers unknowingly trade small risk corrections for larger risks with each financial move they make, trading $100,000 for $300,000 or $300,000 for $1 million and so on.


For example, many attempt to correct the risk of old-age poverty by starting a retirement savings plan, not realizing this creates even larger losses that they may never recover. Still worse is that time only compounds these losses. Not that you shouldn’t have retirement savings, but the financial losses it creates need to be considered.

Conversely, coordinated collaboration creates opportunities for larger gains. When professional service makes product differences that apply to client risks more apparent, debilitating losses can be avoided with the same or less amount of money.

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