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  • The Financial Directions Workbook includes a report overviewing our philosophy: Is Financial Directions For You?, What Kind of Setback Puts You At a Disadvantage?, Here’s How You Will Be Most Successful With My Help, Pure Quality, Will Retirement Be a Long-Awaited Dream…, What Kind of Services You Will Receive, The Object of Our Analysis, The Main Reason For This Service, This Isn’t More For Less…, Why Do I Do This Without Charge?, How Our Experience Has Helped Others With Setbacks, Resource Management, What Clients Have Said, About Joel Cleverley, What Happens When You Are Ready?

    The Discovery section prepares you for our planning process, including:  Overview, Client Information, Assumptions, Assets, Incomes, Expenses, Liabilities, Insurance, Estate Planning, Other Tax, Strategies, and Other Information.

  • Pocket (Tax) Tables. Dearborn Financial Services gives updated information on: Federal Income Tax Rates, Federal Capital Gains and Dividends Rates, Standard Deduction, Personal Exemption, and the Child Tax Credit, Federal Alternative Minimum Tax, Federal Gift and Estate Tax, Estate Tax Phase-Out Schedule, Retirement Plan Contribution and Benefit Limits, IRA and 401(k) Contribution Limits, Required Minimum Distribution Table, IRS Table of Life Insurance Costs, Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits, Life Expectancy Table, Social Security Benefits, and more.

  • Articles and Quick Concepts
    It’s Not Magic
    Getting Your Money’s Worth
    Professional Collaboration Methods
    What Is Your BIGGEST Financial Risk?

  • Financial Health Matters eZine
    Volume 1, Issues 1
    Volume 1, Issues 2
    Volume 1, Issues 3
    Volume 1, Issues 4
    Volume 1, Issues 5

  • Glossary of basic terms, definitions and examples.

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