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  1. What are the major differences between the Preferred Plans? Comprehensive is detailed and accounts for many areas. Modular is detailed and accounts for one or two areas. Product-only is for those who want applicable information to consider a specific product or move. See Services. You can select "Uncertain" on our form below for help figuring out the rest.
  2. What makes your plan better than mine? I don’t know without seeing your plan, but I have seen thousands of plans and have a proven ability to consistently improve the financial health of others recovering from setbacks. We implement this through leading financial institutions. See Is This You?
  3. How much does all of this really cost? Nothing for the evaluation. The cost of any products you implement depends completely on what you decide to do about the evaluation and custom product suggestions. See Services.
  4. How valuable are free versus fee evaluations? It depends on how well the plan works. The process I implement for clients can be done for anyone and uses plan option formatting that allows you to see how well they work before you spend!  See Getting Your Money's Worth and Case Studies.
  5. How can you do this for nothing when others charge a fee?  Many commission us to service the products for their plans once they know what we will do for them. See Getting Your Money’s Worth.
  6. Are you saying you will recover money lost from my setbacks? It is more accurate that we can offset money losses because of your setbacks. The difference is realized over time, in ways and from sources you may not have considered. Over 95% of my clients have benefited in this way. See Contact Us.
  7. How much money can I recover? The amount I offset largely depends on what our plan reveals about you, what you do about it, and how soon you act. Our plans are realistic and doable. See Case Studies and Gaps.
  8. How do I know if you can really help me? See our Three Conditions.
  9. Who are your network teams? I am the center hub of my organization and each company’s teams are the spokes. Once we know which teams we require, you will have access to information about them. See About Joel Cleverley and Professional Collaboration.

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