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PROVIGAP Financial Directions can be Comprehensive or Modular.

COMPREHENSIVE takes a broad in-depth look at your situation to prioritize a sound balance of specific actions that offset setback losses you have experienced. It may also include the applicable Modular Financial Directions (partial list) and Custom Products described below.  You will see what options can improve your chances for financial success in the goals we evaluate.

This study discovers where there is more money to improve your financial health. The evaluation from your workbook or our discovery interview is the basis for a complete synopsis of your current plan’s outlook with realistic problematic analysis.

MODULAR takes a narrow in-depth view and addresses only one aspect or goal of your financial life where untapped money may be used to offset setback losses. It includes the Custom Products described below.  A desire for two or more of the gap offset option categories below usually indicates that more effectiveness would come from Comprehensive Financial Directions. 

  • Retirement plans. MAKE SURE it’s enough throughout retirement
  • Mortgage plans. Buy a home or refinance your current mortgage
  • Debt Management. Use debt against itself to grow wealth
  • Portfolio Optimization. Balance your assets for YOU
  • Risk Management. Insure what you can’t self-insure
  • Collegiate Advisory. Increase college funding
  • Cash Reserves. Be prepared for emergencies
  • FD-40. A fast overview discovery of YOUR financial -/+ gaps
  • Company Benefits. Make your company benefits benefit you too
  • Business Transfer. Get more when you sell your business.

Provigap plans provide effective solutions with professional grade custom comparisons that include success probability analysis formatted for collaboration with applicable experts.  This also improves online searches by targeting criteria relevant to you.

You can take different goals into account and see their integrated effects on each other, such as managing income, assets, debt, retirement, emergencies, periodic payments, college educations, final expenses, estate preservation, and/or accumulation goals.

If this just sounds like more software, ask yourself: is my software comprehensive and flexible enough to offset my financial losses, what support sees me through, how much time would it take to match my industry expertise with professionally coordinated networks, and should I use that time elsewhere? 

“Hindsight is 20/20” means it is often easier to see where we have already made our most costly mistakes. A major advantage of this study is it helps you stop playing trial and error with limited resources (time and money) partly by measuring each option's chances of success before you implement.

How to Get Financial Directions

Our process sessions described below
average 10 minutes to 1 hour and are combined when possible.  Of course, Casework does not require your time.

The face Preview is a quick look to see if Financial Directions are for you. It also overviews key elements we account for and what you will get from us. The distance Preview utilizes our 10 minute Gap Finder.

The face discovery is a fact gathering process that compiles what we will use to formulate your evaluation and the best course of action. The distance discovery “Three Point Discovery” (3.D) form is emailed to you to fill out and return. This form brings us up to speed on where you are now and where you want to go.

Our customization is not entirely automated. Much serious deliberation will go into your plan, which can take up to one week to accomplish. Sometimes a preliminary report can be sent much sooner. 

The face report presents the facts as we see them. The distance report is usually emailed to you and can be discussed by phone. This allows you to see specific products and actions that will improve your situation.

Implement Action
Face implementation is doing the necessary administrative work to see your plan through on any Custom Products options you may have selected and can be accomplished during the Plan/Report phase. Distance implementation does this similarly by phone, mail or email.

Custom Products

With access to thousands of companies and even more products consumers often settle on their marketing preference or research anything thinking they will run into the perfect fit.  This method of product evaluation is a costly detour that often results in the purchase of a self-defeating product mix. It is more effective to research among products designed to work well with your plans.

It’s easy to get into the trap of wanting the latest features out there, but many of the bells and whistles companies offer in their products come at a price. Paying more for something that opposes or duplicates a sound fit is a setback - even if it works well for someone else.

Our approach customizes products to you among successful top rated companies after we know the direction you wish to go.  This method shortens the learning curve to outstanding results.  Most of our products provide online access updates, status statements, company information, ratings, standards, practices, service personnel and important information affecting the industry today.

Custom Products are optimized non-securities
including insurance, annuities, and financing for Idaho residents and debt management, like mortgage offset, nationwide; however, overwhelming you with the myriad of products is not the intent or scope of this site
.  If you have a product in mind sign up for Product-Only Financial Directions or contact me. 

Face delivery presents the actions you implemented. I explain the documentation and any contracts made with our carriers for products you have purchased. Distance delivery accommodates this purpose by mail and phone follow up.

Periodic Financial Directions should be conducted
so that we can remain apprised of your situation and make timely course corrections. These can be done by face or at a distance.

Product-Only Financial Directions

Product-Only Financial Directions – bypass our in depth planning to a product oriented consultation for those who want to make a pre-determined financial product move or change only. This often includes insightful researched comparisons.  See our approach to Custom Products.

If you want free Financial Directions or have questions,
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See Case Studies to learn how we have helped others with setbacks.

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