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Financial Directions offsets money lost because of setbacks.

If you are a married (or plan to marry) homeowner and at least one of you is healthy, take this quick self-assessment.  Have you survived setbacks or been affected by others setbacks, like one or more of the following?*  More importantly, can you see what distractions from setbacks have cost you?

Family or Health Problems

Have you survived a physical, social, emotional, mental or spiritual disability from things such as accident, sickness, victim of abuse or prejudice, imbalanced self-esteem, difficulty learning, substance or process addictions/compulsions, adoption, being orphaned; the death of a close loved one or become a widow/er?

Have you had a difficult single life, marriage, separation and/or divorce or had to relearn the finances? Did you have a dysfunctional upbringing, single parent, divorced partner, difficult step-parent, remarriage, family merge and/or a joining of finances in a new marriage; or your outgo exceeded your income?

Have you had a financial emergency, medical bills and/or bankruptcy? Have you had to bail out extended family or difficult support of a child, parent, friend and/or relative?

Education, Career and/or Business Problems

Have you had inadequate knowledge of education and/or career opportunities; difficulty finding or deciding upon the right career or education? Have you had unemployment; been forced into or out of business or self-employment?

Has your business had a lack of quality people or are your key people becoming disinterested? Do you have inadequate business transfer or payroll plans for retirement, disability, and/or death? Have you been spending too much time on ____________ in your business?


Are you over involved in work, career, community, religious and/or a volunteer activity? Are you an avid Hobbyist or _________________?

Inadequate Financial Advice and/or Product Loss

Have you had no advice, no service and/or poor follow-up; uncoordinated sales or product driven advice with a formal analysis; conceptual advice with no formal analysis or single-need analysis only?

Have you had poor company product and/or performance; misrepresentation of the company, service and/or product; uncoordinated collaboration between you, the planner, any networks and/or software; poorly timed buy or sell of volatile-designed property?

Victim of Crime or Disaster

Have you been affected by a crime (identity theft, etc.) against you or a natural disaster?

One thing these people have in common is that setbacks may distract them into self-perpetuating losses.  Why?

Like sunglasses and illusions, setbacks change the vision and perceptions we use to make financial decisions.


“Are mirages real? Certainly. Mirages are real mirages! …the angle of the sun, your vision and the slope of the ground can converge and cause you to see water where none exists.”

“Viewed from the senses, the mirage is real. Viewed from a higher, broader perspective, the mirage is illusory.” -The Relationship Handbook by George S. Pransky, PhD

You may be behind in your goals because of your setbacks or someone else’s. You may not know it or don’t have the resources in time, money or expertise to explore corrective alternatives. If so, you are likely leaving a lot of untapped money on the table.

How much money are we talking about?

Suppose you took a trip to Nova Scotia, Canada.  What would  your final destination be if your plane was just a few degrees to the south?  Answer: Deep in the Atlantic Ocean!

A pilot wouldn’t ignore course correction indicators, yet people frequently do this in their planning.

Notice the gap between the yellow lines gets wider the longer you stay off course. We call this compounding in the financial world.

Take one $100 a month problem setback that goes undetected or unresolved for 25 years. With inflation and 10% interest working against you, it compounds or grows to a $149,000 loss…enough to buy a house.  How big are your shortfalls?

If you have ten of these problems, that’s $1.4 million and unresolved for just 5 more years adds an additional $1 million to your loss, totaling $2.5 million!  How long could you support yourself on that much? 

Who gets Financial Directions from us?  See if any of these are true for you.

  • I have lost enough to seriously affect my standard of living through retirement and need help now if I am going to make it.
  • I haven’t figured out what it will take to make it through retirement. I don’t have time to do the necessary research and gain the expertise to feel good about whatever financial plans I develop. I can be disciplined if I know what will work for me.
  • I am well prepared for retirement but want more funding due to recent setbacks or to cushion against worsening economic conditions.  I want to see how I can go beyond what I have already done.
  • I am not sure my plan/planner accounts for costly setbacks.  I am dissatisfied and want a second opinion to ensure I am likely to succeed. 
  • I am concerned about other financial goals.  I am ready to see and do something about my possibilities, but I am not sure what.

In an industry that has many volumes of information rarely shared with the common person, we found Joel’s approach very refreshing…By reviewing our existing program, Joel was able to provide us with information which made it easy to see the advantages of his planning. -Gina B.

Now that you know who we work with and the impact of setbacks, learn what can be done and
how we work to break the cycle of perpetuated losses.

*This assessment is based on an unsolicited study of the top 5 setbacks consumers reported as major contributors to their financial losses.

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