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Financial Directions is a methodology that improves Financial Health.

Visualize the retirement life you want.  How will you live with advanced age, forced retirement, and fulfilling experiences in later life?  Our process is a relatively painless way to face these possibilities now with better options for your future. 

What can you expect? The suggestions below have produced excellent results.

If you believe you may not make it through retirement, you’re not unlike over 95% of the clients we have taken on.  Traditional methods may not be enough for you. You can’t make up for lost time, but a fresh look at loss offset may compensate your asset shortfalls and help you regain your bearings on target for a lasting retirement income.

Streamlined research and resources are valuable assets in quickly figuring out what to do to make it through retirement. Sometimes people lack focus because they don’t know which priorities to focus on. Financial Directions will clarify your priorities by calibrating them to your reasonably desired results.

If you are well prepared for retirement but had some recent setbacks, seeing the big picture about things that will make a significant difference can take you beyond what you have already done.

Plans/planners that don’t account for offsetting setback losses often cost consumers more money than all of their mortgages and interest payments combined. Financial Directions utilizes advanced integration tools that account for what you have already done and what you require to succeed.

Our flexible tools accommodate a wide range of goals including retirement. If you want to see what can be done and you're willing to help yourself, you are ready to explore your situation and the options that will work for you.

We validate effective complex strategies into simple actions by addressing financial properties: the way things work, evaluation: the way things look for you, and implementation: the choices you acted on. See It’s Not Magic.  Achieve more with less by unearthing useful information about your financial life.

Since 1980, thousands of dollars and hours invested in training, system development and client service proves time and again that what people don’t know CAN hurt them and what can be done about it.  You will understand your situation and important corrective options BEFORE you make financial moves.  Lastly, streamlined networks accomodate a direct path to the success you define.

Thanks for showing us an easier way to meet our retirement goals…We are very comfortable with your analysis. You gave us the good points and…let us make the decisions without pushing it on us. We like being informed of our best options…and seeing we’re on track.     -Terry J.

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