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Pre-Retirees and Retirees: Are You Unprepared To Weather Retirement?

Bridge the gap to a better retirement – without sacrificing your hard earned money through trial and error.

Have you lost money because of setbacks?

You’ve had family, health, education, career, or business problems, over-involvement in anything, inadequate financial advice, product loss or been a victim of a crime or disaster. 

You want to be prepared for significant financial events, but don’t know how to make up for the lost resources setbacks have cost you…and you want to

  • Get better results with a guide that filters through important financial decisions so they are reasonable and easy to implement...
  • Reduce unnecessary distress by being prepared for emergencies and rising expenses and by developing untapped funds into your asset base.

This site advocates a way to compensate for financial losses that occur because of setbacks in time to create enough means to last through retirement. We do this by refocusing priorities on latent resources that are commonly overlooked.  

You may still be able to acquire enough and if you already have enough, you may need more later.  Perhaps you thought you had enough, but now you don't.  If you are looking to improve your chances of success in retirement our steps below offer a simple way to clear an effective path.

Are you someone we can help?

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Your first step is...

The Free “Financial Directions” Workbook

You can start preparing today by getting the  “Financial Directions” Workbook bundled with my exclusive report and a detailed Discovery of the key information required to reshape your financial outlook. All you do is fill in the applicable blanks or save time by letting us do it for you in step two.

Step two is...

The Free “Provigap Financial Directions” Evaluation

This customized study discovers untapped money to improve your financial health. It includes a professional grade synopsis of your current plan outlook, realistic problem-key solution analysis with comparisons, success probability, integrated collaboration, review and more.


Free “Product-Only Financial Directions”

This shortcut bypasses our in depth planning to a product oriented consultation for those who want to make a pre-determined financial product move or change only. It often includes insightful researched comparisons and implementation.

If you want free Financial Directions or have questions,
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Using your program has been the best financial decision we have ever made. It is comforting to know that we’re setting ourselves up for the rest of our lives and we know our future is taken care of…It’s the right service for us at the right price. Thank you for … your friendly service.     -Joe A.

Clients who applied our approach experienced quantum improvements to their financial health.   We invite you to bookmark this for future reference.

Best Wishes,

 Joel Cleverley
Joel Cleverley
Owner, Financial Health Services


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