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take regulatory compliance very seriously and want to make your experience with our company the best that we possibly can.  Our policy is full disclosure about any services, programs and/or products we represent to you. This means informing you of the benefits and costs associated with anything we suggest and providing researched content for your review.

We comply with legal and ethical standards using non-securities including insurance, annuities, and financing for Idaho residents; and debt management nationwide

We make INFORMED suggestions about financial products rather than displaying overgeneralized offerings on our web site.  This approach optimizes Custom Products applications and minimizes compliance issues. 
Seek appropriate professional counsel regarding legal and tax implications. Conceptual examples are not product offerings.

Accessing our information or formatting implies consent not to duplicate it except by express permission from our Financial Health Services.

Services Latitude and Updating Changes

We may vary the level of service requested or offer something else at our discretion and reserve the right to refuse any service request.  You are under no obligation to implement our offer.  Information and services from this site are subject to updating changes without prior notice.  Material plan updating changes come through client reviews.

Personal Information, Privacy and Spam Policy

We assume no liability for possible misuse of information
retrieved by others.  We do not intentionally share your information outside our network without your permission and have taken several security precautions.  Keep your security measures and practices in good working order.  If you are uncomfortable using electronic resources we certainly understand and suggest using our “Face” offer.

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These pages are strictly informational
and are not intended to endorse any financial product offering. They are NOT a substitute for legal, tax or other professional advice.  We do not offer products without client collaboration. 

Inappropriate Material and Functionality

If this site displays or links to objectionable material, or is not functioning properly please accept our apologies and
contact us immediately so we can correct the problem.

If you have questions about any of this you may
contact us by phone or email.

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