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I hope you won't let reluctance about your situation keep you from asking for Financial Directions.  We all experience setbacks at one time or another.  I have seen enough to know how they can be.  When you contact us we may discuss your concerns or Preview our services. 

Please Touch Base with Me OnQuestions about our services, products or your plan and I will get right back to you; Testimonials about results that let me know what is working; or Ideas and suggestions where we can improve.  Please Don't ask for quotes without adequate self-disclosure. 

What We Cannot Do

Much of this site alleviates false hope by outlining what we have done.  Without time to save, accumulated assets, discretionary capital, income, genuine interest and/or planning toward financial goals, recovery is less likely, but many of these conditions are not initially apparent.  Fine lines divide those we cannot help, so Provigap looks closely at client situations to determine any unrealized potential.

Three conditions for us to work well together:

  1. Setbacks. You have experienced setbacks that you want to offset and you know you’re not on target for a healthy retirement because of them. 
  2. Communication. A willingness to discuss your losses. Some people don’t think it is relevant to open up, which severely limits their options.
  3. Breathing Room. You need some breathing room for maximum benefit from our services.  If we can’t find the funding you require, you’re not ready, because you have no breathing room. However we have proven time and again that we can significantly improve a client’s situation once they have a little breathing room. Contact us if you’re not sure or if we can help someone you know. 

“This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it”.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Let me show you what we can do with the time you have left to or in retirement.

If you want free Financial Directions or have questions,
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