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*How Our Experience Helped Our Clients

I have learned that people are resilient and can overcome difficult odds.  Over 95% of our clients suffered setbacks along with monetary losses, for example:

A Man’s Boy Became Quadriplegic from an Auto Accident

His wife was devastated by the problems this created and divorced her husband leaving their disabled son in his care. When I met him he was concerned about extra funding for his son and how this financial burden would affect his retirement outlook. He was extremely busy with employment and caring for his son.

A closer look at his situation found that he had done quite well for himself but would still have a large deficit to make it through retirement. After developing a workable plan that fit his cash flow, he could achieve a $43,000 surplus 10 years beyond his projected life expectancy.

His son passed on years later. Our re-evaluation gave him access to hundreds of thousands of dollars more for his retirement years. This meant a higher standard of living to him. Not only was he pleased with his new situation, it didn’t cost him anything to find out how to get there.

An Obese Woman Divorced

The personal issues she had to deal with made her planning suffer. She found the courage to start over, change her eating habits and exercise every day. By the time I met her she had become a tiny woman, but still had no formalized plan and was worried about what it would take to fund retirement.

I found her income plan would be in the hole the last six years of her life. We calibrated her investment portfolio congruent with her low risk tolerance. The plan placed her in a position to have enough money using conservative estimates for 30 years into retirement and to spare at age 95.

This Client Was Devastated By the Premature Passing of Her Husband after His Struggle with Cancer

Now she found herself without a job or experience in managing financial affairs. She dedicated herself so much to her family life that she did not develop these skills. When I met her she was still unsure how she was going to pay for bills and keep afloat.

Our analysis determined what she had to work with, helped her see how she could make it without entering the job market and put her remaining assets in motion. Busy with community and religious service which strengthened her emotional well being, she could now help her sons overcome their setbacks.

Our plan gave her a successful way to live through retirement. After her own bout with cancer shortly thereafter, she was excited that she was still able to stay focused on recovery and serving others. Her established financial plan made serving others easier even in such stressful times.

A Son Struggled With Pressure from His Father to Perpetuate Their Family Business

I can’t begin to tell you the pressure he felt to support his parents in this effort. He had become his parent’s retirement plan and he was so busy working that he hardly had time to plan for himself.

This had a negative impact on his own family as he sacrificed himself year after year, his education and longing to do a different career, for his parents dream.

He began to feel very uneasy about how all of this was affecting his retirement. His parent’s advisor didn’t offer him any advice. A closer inspection of the facts revealed that he and his family had no funds for emergencies or education.

Social security was their only retirement plan and the hope that part of the business could be converted to cash. This fell far short of what they required for basic living expenses. The options we implemented for this couple were reasonable and effectively relieved these financial pressures so he could focus on his future.

This Man’s Wife Died from Cancer and He Struggled with Alcoholism

He was working very hard in his employment to make ends meet. With the emotional burdens from these problems he was unable to care for his young daughter and had difficulty obtaining higher education or having the motivation to do so.

His hunting hobby gave him some balance to deal with his personal issues, but that left him no time to concentrate on planning his financial future.

His father asked me to see what I could do. I discovered that with his approach to planning, he would never be able to retire. After a few sessions we found ways he could successfully support himself well into his nineties without costing him an arm and a leg to do so. He gladly took these financial question marks out of his life.

If you get nothing else from this, understand that the right resource management can lift some heavy burdens.

What you have been through may be long past or current, but you have resources available to simplify your life. I am talking about more money during retirement, emergencies and so on. All of this equates to more peace of mind about financial concerns. To our clients it seems as though we have made up for lost time.

If you want to offset financial setbacks our resources work, so you can stay focused on other important areas of your life.

Getting Financial Directions now will offer you some relief so this does not become still another setback for you down the road. Whatever youth you still have can provide for the older person you will one day be.

So what have you got to lose? Isn’t it worth empowering yourself to offset a lifetime of setback losses? If you want to get your bearings and improve your financial health, please
contact me to answer any questions you might have and get your Financial Directions.

More Client Cases

The underlined words below represent some more of our clients’ setbacks. Notice that even positive events can set us back.

  • This client had problems with his inheritance and felt he was at quite a disadvantage because he had serious emotional problems, was dyslexic and couldn’t read which also affected his employment.

    His wife had health problems including obesity and their advisor didn’t take a close enough look at their situation. I found options they were unaware of that would give them a healthy retirement. They were very pleased.

  • One of my professional carriers recommended I speak to a man only 10 years from retirement. There were emotional problems in his family. He was forced in and out of self-employment, divorced and remarried someone else.

    When I met him, they were so busy with work and fun trying to get their life back that they didn’t take the time to resolve their retirement outlook. Our projections found a 37% retirement income loss per year that they were unaware of. They were so relieved when my plan inverted this loss.

  • I worked with a large family, struggling with self-employment and serious IRS delinquency. Two of their children had health problems and he and his wife had emotional problems. He didn’t have the opportunity to complete his education which limited his career options.

    The father was so busy with work and community service that he hadn’t done ANY planning. His advisor friend never thoroughly looked at what could be done. One day he asked me to see what I could do. They were losing money and fell short of enough for retirement. Our plan set up a modest secure retirement to rely on.

  • I worked with a busy working woman whose husband divorced her after he retiredI helped her work through managing her share of the divided assets. When her mother died, she asked for help managing her share of the inheritance.

    Then her son borrowed money from her. He was retired military on his second career and was too busy working to develop a formal plan. We implemented a plan that supports his family and showed his mother how she could generate more money for herself without taking extra risk.

    She started becoming forgetful with age. I helped her establish a program collaborating with her son as a back up. This service kept her afloat and she has been able to enjoy many years of frequent travel and socializing.

  • One client asked me to help a friend who was right at retirement. His friend had recently recovered from prostate cancer. I worked up a plan that boosted their pension income by 15% immediately for life! They jumped at the chance to have the extra income.

  • I met a man who heard about the work I do and he asked for my help. I learned of the various parts of the world where he worked and found he was too busy to get his planning done. His income was healthy, but he had recently been through a divorce and remarried someone else.

    He filed bankruptcy liquidating almost everything he owned to survive and was concerned about where to start over and how to get ready for retirement. I designed a plan allowing retirement in their short remaining preparation time. Hope was restored as they watched their assets grow.

  • I met another single man who traveled remote parts of the world for his work. This kept him from spending time learning what he wanted to do to retire. I showed him a comprehensive simple way to get on target for a robust retirement plan. He loves to see all he has working in his plan.

* Confidential information such as client’s names and detailed accounts of their plan are protected by professional ethics and regard for the sensitive nature of their privacy and compliance laws. This report is not an offering of any financial product. Such offerings are made after careful evaluation and with the required material information.

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