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Legendary Lives Comfort Others Even During Hardships

Martin Rinkhart (1586-1649), arch-deacon of Eilenburg, lived during thirty years of war until their city of refuge became overcrowded and unsanitary.

Famine stalked the land and disease soon found Rinkhart alone to take care of 4,480 dead. All other officials and priests had either died or fled.

He conducted 40 to 50 burial services a day, including his wife’s. 8,000 were buried en masse. The strain proved too great for Rinkhart until he succumbed to the hardship.

How did he help so many? 

I submit that the community needed his services, they knew he could do it, and his compassionate will to help all factored into it.  Compare Rinkhart's experience to financial problems:

Epidemic proportion presents service demand.  Consumer finances frequently grow out of control - a leading cause of broken homes and record bankruptcies.  The surge of baby boomers are less prepared to fund more retirement years and businesses continue to fail at an alarming rate.

Large scale service ability during epidemics.  Many consumers can add significantly to their providence by working through professionals with financial inversion track records - even if setback losses are not an issue

Compassionate will to endure service.  Like Rinkhart, how can we help others recover from the financial consequences of their setbacks?  May I suggest three solutions for those with a desire to help? 

  1. Become a Source Advocate by introducing us to those who have suffered setbacks.
  2. Become an Advocate Partner by introducing us to network advertisers.
  3. Join us as an Advocate by doing what we do.

1. Be A Source Advocate

If someone recovering from setbacks values your opinion, say a few words of introduction about us or direct them to the resources on this site. You can save pre-retirees and retirees the relentless heartache of the most expensive financial setbacks they may encounter and I will even make it worth your while.

They should be married (or plan to marry) homeowners who have had setbacks where at least one is healthy, like neighbors, co-workers, relatives, recreation, church or community acquaintances, government employees, or people you know from things you do.

If you're our client, email or tell a setback survivor you know in the U.S. about this website (list of
setbacks), and email or send me a notice including your name, your friends’ names, street and email addresses, and phone numbers. You can select the following items on me for every family or entity you recommend.

  • A gift card through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Hastings for book, video, music, or audio purchases, etc.

For each family or entity you introduce that becomes a client you will be notified and also receive:

  • A $40 dinner on me

2. Be an Advocate Partner

If you're our client, advertise Financial Health Services through your own company or ask someone who networks in the U.S. to include my information on their materials (web site, hand outs, advertising, etc.). 

These include people that put fliers on your door (like Avon), or who advertise to you:  realtors, attorneys, CPAs, electronics or computer field, grocery industry, barbers, electricians, plumbers, recruiters, etc.

Every partner whose advertising generates business for Financial Health Services receives $50.00 or up to $50.00 of merchandise listed below, mailed directly to you and the advertiser.

Email or snail mail me a copy of their ad showing my ad below with a note like, “Joel, I recommended (one) partner”.  Include your name, current address, and links to the items you prefer.

  • Worldwide Select up to $50.00 in value (including shipping & handling) from any of the thousands of MSN Shopping items including: arts, crafts, baby, nursery, beauty, fragrance, books, magazines, car, garage, clothing, shoes, computers, software, electronics, photo, flowers, gourmet, chocolate, health, wellness, home furnishings, jewelry, watches, kitchen, lawn, garden, movies, music, office products, pet supplies, sports, outdoors, tools, hardware, toys, travel, video games and more.

See approved Financial Health Services attribution resources below.

3. Be An Advocate

Contact me by phone or email resumes of those who want income earning opportunities with our firm.  Every person you recommend who submits 2 paid cases as an Advocate for Financial Health Services awards you $50.00. 

Openings Description How to Apply
Advocates needed nationwide. Advocate Financial Directions' studies and instruments. Email your resume to Joel at the link below.

Proper Attribution

Clients or partners who advertise for us or use any of our material should include the following attribution:

"This article is copyright Joel Cleverley, Financial Health Services. All rights reserved. Joel’s web site provides resources and tools for offsetting money lost because of setbacks at

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