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How Joel Gives Financial Directions


Joel Cleverley joined the financial services industry in 1980.   Since 1986 his work utilized an approach that saved survivors of setbacks significant sums of money.

“I respect when clients realize what once seemed impossible using relatively simple adjustments in their focus.”  Joel's most important professional contribution has been turning difficult client situations around. 

Joel served as senior associate in financial services and management for 11 years and Director of FHS (formerly CFA) since 1988. His licensing, education and work have attracted elite knowledgeable support networks, many with the highest degrees in their field. 

Joel organized precise enhanced financial processes through years of research and testing and was honored by industry peers for his “excellent service”.  Frequent comments about his work inspired the name Financial Health Services

"Setbacks can be a major distraction to financial progress. My service compensates for money clients lost so they can attend to other important things."  Joel’s Gap Finder and Three Point Discovery provides a painless way to get accurate bearings. His Case Analyzer custom filters innumerable proven solutions to find the right ones for the client.

Which path to take?  Financial Directions uncovers options that fill financial gaps between where a client is going, the desired destination, and their higher road.  Joel's evaluation adds cost effective value with corrective moves that equate to a fortune of untapped money. 

“My philosophy about professional collaboration makes a quantum difference in the way finances turn out.  You can’t put a price on providing solutions after severe financial losses amassed from setbacks have robbed peace of mind for decades.”  Joel’s dedicated service has been rewarded with years of client loyalty.

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